Is Pain Permanent?

Pain is temporary! It may last for a minute, an hour, a day, or even a year! But eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If you quit however it will last FOREVER!

Am not afraid to fail, I will do it and have done over and over and over again but in the end there was SUCCESS. And it was worth it. failure sometimes cripples people. The first business I had “Hippos Gymnasium” it was hard it was scary, people said you cant do this Rodney you have not got enough money, you have not got enough skills, why not go get a real job. well I got rid of those nay Sayers immediately. Others will plant seeds of doubt in your head to stop you reaching your goals and dreams, you know why? BECAUSE they are afraid to take a chance themselves, BECAUSE they have no dreams themselves, BECAUSE they don’t want you to leave them behind, they want to keep you right there beside them. FUCK THEM I tell you, Fuck them!! Most people don’t fail because they aim to high and miss! Most people fail because they aim to LOW and HIT! When someone says to me – “YOU CANT DO THAT” Big mistake, because I am going to do it. Am going to prove them wrong. The only time I will stop trying and give up is when –

A mute guy tells a deaf guy that a blind guy saw a legless kid walk on water!

When that happens I will give up, I will stop trying, I will call it a day. Every business I have created and sold- selling was the easy part BUT created from scratch, it has been hard, there had been tears, there has been blood, times where I thought to myself just throw in the towel, but something kept telling me in my head




I have lost count of the times where I have put myself in a position where I cant retreat it is DO or DIE, SINK or SWIM.

You know what you find out?
You will find out that you have developed incredible swimming skills, you will find yourself working on life like you have never done before – through the inspiration of desperation, you will become more creative than ever before!!
There are many, many , many things that are important success but one of the most is too keep your head down, focus on the process, forget going out restaurants,  clubbing,drinking, partying, girls. Yes I said it Guys.FORGET THE LADIES! And for the ladies who want success , want to start the next big thing, you have to forget all of the above also.WHATEVER It may be you want to get in life put your head down and just plug away.
Stop counting the days the months the years – just GRIND, and enjoy it. enjoy what you are doing the money I assure you will come.
Human beings can be and do anything and everything if they put there mind to it.
When I started jogging I jogged for an hour, that was kool I thought but I needed to challenge my self it became to easy  I started running with a rucksack weighing 6 kg. that became easy so I added dyna bands round my thigh equivalent of 15kg that became easy so I added two parachutes round my torso I now run for 3.5 hrs. and while running am not looking at the time or distance I just run and when I cant go any further, when my whole body is seizing up, and shaking, I know then it is time to chill. Then and only then I will check the time “OH SHIT” I say out aloud  3/4 HOURS!!!
“Champions keep going when they don’t have anything left in there tank”.
  Am obsessed with improvement, I read 2 books a month every day am getting better.OBSESSION, PASSION, COURAGE, DISCIPLINE, CONSISTENCY, AND Delayed Gratification (NOT) Instant Gratification
When am trading the Forex market I read and read and read, I change with the market flow, I try new techniques when needed – getting rid of all fear when I see my signal to trade I TRADE!
And if I have to lose sleep because major news will be released at 3;AM then so be it because I want success more than I want to breathe I want it more than I want sleep and I will sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. Am not counting the money lost or earned am just enjoying my hobby, that’s right I said it my hobby. its not work its not a 9 to 5 been told when I can have my break, been told what time I must start and what time I must finish.
And apologizing to the boss because am late.
That is notpain living.
Live your life people, live your dreams, take a chance, at least you have tried right?
Put yourselves in a position where you cant retreat.
Don,t be afraid to fail, learn from it get back up and KEEP GOING.



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