“Excuses sound best to the person who is making them up”

Stop COMPLAINING that you are overweight when you don’t go to the gym.

Stop COMPLAINING about your body and your eating everything in site.

Stop COMPLAINING about been unemployed when you only send 2 CV out a day.

Stop COMPLAINING about the goal/dream you have is not working, and you are still on the couch and continue to watch TV.

Stop COMPLAINING about the negative people you have around you , yet you still keep them in your life.

Stop COMPLAINING that you would like to write for a living, But not prepared to take the course.

Stop COMPLAINING about starting the company you dream of starting and you wont network/go on the business course. or read or learn, or sacrifice.

Stop COMPLAINING that you want to give up smoking but you are lighting up as you say it.

Stop COMPLAINING you want to quit drinking, yet every Friday after work your on your way to the pub/bar.

You keep coming out with every excuse in the world as to why it is not happening for you.

Even when you get good advice you will twist it and turn it around to find an excuse.

You want to SUCCEED In what ever it is you want to ACHIEVE?

Well why not start with CHANGING you mind and RAISING your STANDARDS.

“If you want to keep on getting what you are getting – Keep on doing what you are doing”



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