How many of you do this? How many people do you know that do this? Am probably going to lose my job, Am so unlucky, Am never going to get that career change, Am never going to get fit, Am never going to have a flat stomach, Am never going to get the funding for my business.Am never going to be successful.Winter is here am going to get a cold.

PROPHESYING THE WORST! Prophesying the negativity.

We are planting seeds in our minds when we talk, because our minds is like the soil in the ground, It does not care what we plant. However it will give us back in abundance what we plant.

(Galatians 6:7 whatever one sows, that will he/she also reap).

This is why we must become what we think about. CHANGE YOUR MIND BECAUSE


I WILL be successful, I WILL get that big career change, I WILL raise the funds for my business, I wont get a cold, I WILL get a flat stomach, I WILL get fit, I WILL train hard in the gym, I WILL challenge myself when out jogging, I WILL sacrifice and do whatever it takes to reach my goal. And then you go at it like your life depends on it.

Marcus Aurelius.- The great Roman Emperor said – A man,s /Woman,s life is what there thoughts make of it.

Israeli Said – everything comes if a man/woman will only wait.

Emerson Said – a man /woman is what they think about all day long.

William James said – Human beings can alter there minds by altering there attitudes of mind.

If you wish to be rich YOU WILL BE RICH, If you wish to be poor YOU WILL BE POOR, If you wish to be happy YOU WILL BE HAPPY.

Dr Norman peel said – If you think in negative terms, you will get negative results. If you think in positive terms you will achieve positive results.

William Shakespeare went on to say – Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win by fearing to attempt.

So what is it you want really really think about that. Once you figured it out – plant the seed in your mind and work at it slowly, positively, and it will become real.see yourself reaching your goals in your mind, see yourself acting the reaction in your mind once your goal and desire has been reached.

I did this before becoming Greater London, British, European,world champion. I did this before opening my first and second health club, I did this before buying and selling art, It was done throughout every business I have started and sold and still done to my present online trading business today.You have to force yourself to think positively on your problems. Keep your commitments to your commitments  , be  dedicated, keep your words, have clarity, integrity, strong communication, be persistent, and save at least 12% of what ever you earn, and have action – Ideas, dreams, goal,s  are worthless unless we act on them.

When I first started in business I wrote down on a piece of paper EXACTLY what I wanted.

Do this also. It could be more money , a specif car , a certain type of house, clothing. Be precise don’t be vague and look at it everyday and do more than you have to so you can get it and it will come.

Ask and it shall be given you!

Seek and you shall find

Knock and the door shall be open, unto you.

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”

Keep asking, Keep seeking, Keep knocking, and it will come to you.

Act as though it was impossible to fail. And if you are PROPHESYING! Prophesying the positive and bury the negative. You have to WORK FOR IT, your dreams and goals and aspirations will not just be handed to you. You have heard the story about-

The man who sat in front of the stove and said GIVE ME HEAT…. THEN I WILL ADD THE WOOD!

This is not going to happen YOU have to put the WORK in…. To get the heat.











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