“Trading the markets”

Stop loss of 2224.70  just been taken out. And have decided to open and have a nice glass of wine with some friends to celebrate. NO!! Not because I have lost what I thought was a great trade that would have gone in my favor…. But because I have learn,t –

The stock market is a very humbling financial arena, and one of the things we traders especially NEW traders have to realize is – If you buy a stock and it goes up, CONGRATULATIONS!.. WE were very very lucky to join them, And when WE buy a stock/currencies and it immediately goes down we are WRONG!
WE cant beat them!!…. WHOEVER THE IN famous they are… The market has no sympathy, the market has no mercy, the market does not know who we ARE.
And when we are just lucky enough to just be there on the right side we should not think we are smart (WE ARE NOT!!) WE ARE LUCKY!!
And been lucky and joining them can be a very very rewarding career, When you can just admit the fact that we were lucky enough to join them on the UPS!! And lucky enough to join them on the DOWNS!!
And when we are SHORT and the market is going up or we are LONG and the market is going DOWN……..
We are WRONG!!
It happens we are human beings, ACCEPT IT!! MOVE ON!! And TOMORROWS ANOTHER DAY!!!

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