Fxxk You!

Am not afraid to fail – am not afraid to fall over graze my knees , my arm or allow individuals to laugh at me or criticize me – all this does is motivate me, it inspires me, it  makes me get up laugh at myself and say oh well here I go again.
“Someones opinion of you does not have to become your reality”
I know when I put my head down and just start grafting it is going to be a lonely road – Your not going to meet many friends along that road, but I know that is what is needed to reach where you want to reach.
My break through was deciding I wanted to be an entrepreneur – I did not want to go to university and get the phd,s the degree,s I wanted to be the individual who employed those who had that qualification – I wanted to come up with the ideas and dreams take massive action and engage in consistent action and employ those individuals them.
Einstein said – “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”.


I sacrificed sleep and going out partying and holidays, purchasing clothes, cars etc these things in the back of my head would always be there – they were not going anywhere.

I knew the time would eventually arrive when I would be on a permanent holiday doing what i loved – following that love and passion that I sacrificed so much for – and get myself to a  FUCK YOU position –
Would you not like to be in such a position? –

I have been in this position for over 30 years and after the biggest mistake while trading the market,s lost all I had.

( And I embraced it….It is one of the best things that has happened to me)

It has been two years now and am just getting back to the fuck you position again.

I recognized the mistake – I hit rock bottom So I stood up brushed myself down and after tears,and heartache and stealing food from the super market to eat, sleeping on a park bench, finding out how many TRUE friends I have and the help of a few loyal investors and friends who still believed in me am now climbing out of hell – back into the light.

“Adversity introduces a person to themselves”

It is not what people say about YOU that matter,s ….It is what YOU say about YOU.
Shakespeare put it this way – SCENE IV.A nunnery. –
“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win by fearing to attempt”
L.B went on to say –
“If you want a thing bad enough to go out and fight for it – to work day and night for it – to give up your time and sleep for it – If all of your dream and scheme is about it – and life seems useless and worthless without it – and if you gladly sweat for it and plan for it – and lose all your terror of the opposition for it – and if you simply go after that thing that you want with all of your capacity strength, faith and tenacity- sickness and pain headaches – strain cant keep you away from that thing that you want – YOU WILL EVENTUALLY GET IT!
I have to ask you all something – are you making excuses just for now as to why you cant reach your goals and dreams?
Or are you going to be making theses excuses FOREVER… crying like a 2 year old who has just had the dummy taken out of its mouth.

Or are you just fucked up temporally because you are temporally stupid.

“Work on your job and you will make a living” – “Work on yourself and you will make a FORTUNE!”

All the business I have had from gym,s to Art to Loan business to Property’s to representing Great Britain all over the world – There is a thought which I kept in the forefront of my mind at all times, and that is –
(For me to give up in any thing that I set my mind to do – I will have to be DEAD!…Or completely INCAPACITATED!)
If you all thought like this and went after that goal like your life depended on it WHAT WOULD YOU ALL ACHIEVE?
If the only exercise you all are doing is – JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS!…. You all need to start –
BECAUSE you are still in the same position as you were last year – you are still talking about your dreams and goals to your friends , family ,loved ones, your boss, colleagues .and not doing anything about it.
Would it not be cool that somebody wants you to do something – AND you reply FUCK YOU!
Or your boss pisses you off  –  and you reply FUCK YOU!!
Own your house your car money in the bank , money in your pocket go where you like come back when you like spend what you like on what you like.

A wise mans life is based on FUCK YOU!

Another thing that is important is you have to – KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN –

“Work hard in silence and let success be your noise”.
And just keep banging on don,t look back –  just keep banging on and on and on and you will get there.
I will warn you it is not going to be easy
It will be hard – you will scrape your knees , you will fall, you will cry, you will consider throwing in the towel even worse jumping in the a river and calling it a day.
People will laugh at you and call you stupid they will try to convince you that what you are trying to achieve is impossible.
But those individuals giving you all the negative spill – ask yourselves something –
WHAT HAVE THEY ACHIEVED!…Hhmm…. What goals and dreams do they have….Hhmmm….
You will need to get as far away from theses naysayers as possible.
What is the difference between winners and losers?…… The winners do it – and do it  – and do it – and do it – and do it – and do it – UNTIL THE JOB IS DONE!
Losers see what needs to be done and say –
“I will put it on hold” And STOP!
Or they say –
“I will do it tomorrow” And STOP!
 Why don’t you Just DECIDE! –
This is what I want….
This is how am going to do it –
Then engage in consistent action.
1.Know your target
2.Make a plan.
3.Be committed, be disciplined, sacrifice.
4.Engage in consistent action – work hard
5.Surround yourself with people who think like you.
6.Surround yourself with people who can empower you.
7.Read, take the course, stay up late, sleep quicker – do whatever it takes.
8.Stop partying, stop holidaying,theses things will always be there.
9. Forget an alarm clock – your goals and dreams will wake you.
10.Be passionate
CHAMPIONS – keep going when they have nothing left in there tank!

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