“The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one”

If you think you are going to achieve everything you want to achieve without hard work dedication, commitment,sacrifice.
In fact you must think denial is just a river in Egypt
If you think you will go to bed tonight wake up the next morning and you have magically got everything you ever wanted.
Everything I did setting up an running my first gym then my second then my art business, my property business representing England it always took a lot of hard work. I had to learn and adapt to survive on 4/5 hours sleep when my sporting competitors were sleeping I was training, when they were eating I was training, when they were out partying and drinking I was training.
This mindset and consistent action enabled me to become the best in my field.

When my health club competitors were relaxed I was promoting my business, they paid there staff 8 per hour I paid my staff 16 per hour.

They had a joining fee I did not have a joining fee they had 1 membership for all I developed a three tier membership gold – silver – bronze always always having to be one step ahead it never stopped.



You have to be willing to make a shit load of sacrifice when going after that goal, – Forget partying, forget holidaying, forget chatting women up with the buddy’s on a Friday night, forget alcohol, forget sleep, expect a load of negative feedback from friends family,acquaintances, and colleagues, expect pain,expect some suffering, prepare to be lonely – you wont have many who will think like you or dream like you – It will be a lonely road unless you surround yourself with the right people – you may not be able to pay some bills. creditors will be knocking on your door.

To make your goal work you will have to take RISK after RISK venturing into the unknown not knowing if those risk you took to follow your goals will flourish or not, constant trial and error and learning from each one –
You may fall five , eight, twelve times and still have to find the energy to get up and start again with the same enthusiasm as the first time.
Multiply this by infinity and take it to the depths of forever  and you will still barley have a glimpse of what am talking about.
However I can say this to you – IT WILL BE WORTH IT!


I had to start taking my own advice, I had to start believing in myself irrelevant of what others said – If you are doing something that you are not TOTALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT you are compromising yourself everyday, Everyday, EVeryday, EVEryday, EVERyday, EVERYday, EVERYDay, EVERYDAy, EVERYDAY!!!

What is your plan? We all have a dream – we all have a goal….But what is your plan?
C.G – Put it this way – the plan has to be CLEAR – CONCISE – COMPELLING – CONSISTENT – COMMITTED.
To be honest every business I have had and sold – even to this day in the business I am in, THERE IS NO PLAN B –
There is ONLY a plan A because plan B will distract from plan A.
If you want to make a living – GET A JOB!… Make somebody else wealthy.
If you want to be make a fortune – and own the business work on yourself and go to the library work hard, study – be CLEAR – CONCISE – COMPELLING – CONSISTENT – COMMITTED.
“Insanity is doing the same thing in the same way EXPECTING a different outcome”

When will you make that decision?

When will you change your mind?

When will you be committed?

When  will you sacrifice?

When will you put yourself in a position where it is DO or DIE? SINK or SWIM?

What choice are you making right now while reading this……

“You can only have 2 things in life – (REASONS or RESULTS) and results don’t lie.


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