“Up your standards”

How do you rate yourself in regards to your mental attitude –
“Would you follow you.”?
Are you doing all that you can to get to the next level?
Are you sacrificing sleep to get to where you need to get to?.
Are you walking round the block each evening thinking about that dream?
Are you putting boundaries up in regards to negative individuals?
Are you eating healthy?
If you have a day job – when you finish work and you get home do you just head to the sofa and sit remote control in hand then get your mind programmed with the shit which is coming out of the television at you.
Are you allowing yourself to get out of shape – are you eating MacDonald and fish and chips from your local and ordering takeaways – are you putting weight on and saying to yourself – and others –
“I need to lose weight”
But not doing anything about it.
Friday after work  your off with your work colleagues to the pub talking to them about what you want to achieve and the dream you want, and the car you want and the house you want and the money you want to make and how your going hand in your notice and follow your dream.
Weekend goes and hey presto Monday you do the same thing again work at 9 finish at 5 maybe 6 head home remote control in hand television on sit on your arse on the sofa – and Tuesday the same thing.
Well I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news – BUT you are FUCKING INSANE!!

“Insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result”

George Burns put it this way – “We cannot help getting older…. But we don’t have to get old.”
Make a choice…. Just decide….What is it your going to do….. How you are going to do it…..  Sacrifice…..
And engage in consistent action.
Why are you procrastinating?
Do you know the short story of NIKE?
I think this is one of the reasons I am so determined in what I set my mind to do – whether it is a 3.6 hour run and its pissing down with rain – or setting up all of the business I had set up including my present trading business.
Or breaking the 200kg squat barrier….
I mean even if I get indoors and I need something from the shop it is not a real EMERGENCY to get it –
It can wait till tomorrow But NO!!.. I don’t wait I think of NIKE – JUST DO IT!…..
Nike went from making an annual income of $877 million dollars to 9.2 billion dollars and 3 words took them there –


One man thought of this – took it to Nike via a marketing firm and the rest was HISTORY!

Am not saying you are going to make 9.2 billion dollars by next year following those 3 words –
WHAT I am saying is I know it will –
And you will be amazed of the results that will come – YOU WILL be absolutely AMAZED!
You need to delete some naysayers from your LIFE –


You need to stay up for 3/4 hours working on that plan you are dreaming of –


You need to book that course to further your career / business- you have delayed it for 2/3 years –


You are in a dead relationship – there is no future with him/her you want to finish it –


You like someone and have been putting off telling her/him this –


You need to ask someone for help in your business or to help you get started but have been putting it off –


What is the next thing you can do to pick yourself up and stay on track for where you are going – what can you do to pick yourself up when you get tired – when things get rough  – AND IT WILL GET ROUGH -how do you get that fire burning again.

BECAUSE Lets face it – it does not matter who you are you are going to get tired you are going to want to quit you are going to want to go back to a 9 to 5 You may find the determination is gone and you just cant be bothered – you are going to scream at the top of your voice –
How do you pick yourself up.
1. Up your standards – example:
If I have to be somewhere at 9:AM I get there for 8:AM –
If I have to trade the Asian markets at 2:AM and I have been for a long run plus the gym am tired and want to sleep my body is sore aching – I WILL BE IN THE ARENA AT 1;55AM.

I have standards from over 25 years ago –

Be first and last –
Be first to attack and last to counter
Be first to wake and last to sleep
Be first to meet challenges and the last to hide from them
Be first to learn from your mistakes and last to give an excuse
Be first to claim victory and last to settle for defeat

Be first to sweat,sacrifice, and suffer for your goals and dreams

And I do this whatever the circumstance!

When setting up my first business and the second and the third and the fourth there was no cut off time – I kept going till the painting was done, till the carpet was laid till the saunas were fitted – shit!!

I had friends bringing me food because they knew if they did not I would not stop to eat or drink.

“People that are hungry are willing to do the things today others wont do in order to have the things tomorrow others wont have”
If am meeting a friend/client/woman for lunch at 1:pm that individual WILL be there at 1:pm or before.
WHY!… Because they know me….They know my standards.
They know I will be gone at EXACTLY 1:PM and will probably delete them as a contact in my phone email and will not have any contact with them again.
Unless I am given advance warning of lateness or they are dead or completely incapacitated.
They can come UP to my STANDARD But I will not come DOWN to there’s.
Up your standards in your life – miracles will happen for you.
2. Develop the habits – :
You wake up every morning and you brush your teeth don’t you?
Wake up each morning and look at your plan look at what you have written down read it every day every hour while walking – on the train – first thing in the morning –  before you go to bed
You are planting a seed in your mind that I have to get this done so I can get to the next page.

If you are doing a 9 to 5 and you come home and you are tired SO WHAT!!

If you are a writer sit at your desk after a full days work and start writing.

If you are an artist sit at your desk after a full days work and start to draw.
If you are studying sit at your desk after a full days work and start studying.
If you have to do a business plan/ cash flow forecast sit at your desk after a full days work and start Preparing.

If you need to jog round the block / go to the gym after a full days work start jogging or go to the gym.


3.Visualization – ;
You have to see yourself doing what you want to do.
When I was young I was always visualizing – at the age of 12 I remember my mother asking what car would you like and I replied – ” Bentley!” – “Rolls Royce!” she would just laugh and say stop dreaming child!
Well the child grew up to be a man and the dream became a reality because of (visualization) and hard work and never giving up.

Business took off…. And mother had her own personal trainer, sauna, physio,beauty treatments, – and when I called her up one afternoon and told her I am on my way to pick her up for lunch the tears which flooded out of her eyes because I stood outside her front door to take her to lunch in a Rolls Royce  – she also received 1000 pounds a month from me I sent her on several cruises around the world ” Her wish” – she looked forward to those trips 3 times a year and what ever bills that came to her house we got it redirected to my home and I took care of it……..Before she left this world SHE WAS PROUD.

I was 21 years old! And never looked back.
Please don’t get me wrong – this is not about showing off – this is about what can be achieved IF YOU WANT IT!
This is about setting your mind on a goal – a dream and doing all you can to get it – NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCE!

If you knew where and how I was brought up – the neighborhood – the drugs – that were available – the violence – No go area,s for the police –  the gangs –

You would be scratching your head and saying how the fuck did you come from there and get to where you got too.

3. Find your WHY!
Are you going to up your standard for your family?
Are you going to up your standard for YOU?
Are you going to up your standard for self satisfaction?
Are you going to up your standard for financial freedom?
Are you going to up your standard for more money?
Once you find your why – UP YOUR STANDARD – engage in consistent action – sacrifice – and Miracles will happen for you.

It does not matter what age you are at – am starting again from my mistake in 2014 but I have all the same principles as I had at age 12 and I work the markets with the same enthusiasm like it was my fist time.

“When you set standards and stick to them, there will be people in your life who will fall away.

                                                                      Let them”!


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