Bla, bla, bla, bla, BLA!

Have you ever asked someone
                                                    “Why they did not achieve what they wanted to do in life”
What is the reason they tell you?
Or better yet what is the reason you tell YOURSELF?

Err-mm… I did not have the money!

I did not have the time!

I did not have the knowledge!

I did not have the right investor!

I did not have the energy!

I did not have the right premises!

I did not have the skill!

I did not have the right business partner!

I did not have the right manager!

T.R – Put it quite simple –
“The defining factor is its never resources –  ITS RESOURCEFULNESS!
To get something you never had you have to do something you never did.

You can get yourself to do anything. if you don’t have the money you will find the way – you will do whatever you have to do to get what you want.

If you want to change your body, If you want a new and better career, If you want to make lots of money, If you want a better loving relationship – you are the director you are the producer of YOU!


                             “The defining factor is, never resources –  ITS RESOURCEFULNESS!

STOP thinking of reasons you cant do it!
And start thinking of ways YOU CAN!
Stop giving reasons.- Reasons are for losers!
ACTION!……………………………………… ARE FOR WINNERS!…
What do you do when nobody’s watching – because this will determine where you will be 1 year from now 2 years from now 10 years from now.
If you are waiting for a sign – THIS IS FUCKING IT!!!… WAKE UP!
There will  Never be a RIGHT TIME to do what you got to do – the time is NOW!!
Do you know Edison tried 1092 times before itInline image
When was the last time you tried something 20 times let alone 1092 times, when was the last time you tried something 100 times?
Stop with the reasons – If you are not doing it, if you are still giving reasons, you don’t really want it bad.
In fact you should stop reading what I write and many others like me write because you are fooling yourself.
As soon as you finish reading or listening you just go back to doing the same old shit. And whats the point of that?
If you had 1 year to live what would you do differently?
Where would you go?
What would you drive?
Where would you live?
What would you eat?
What would you drink?
What clothing would you wear?

What country would you visit?

Who would you call?

Who would you make amends with?

Who would you visit?

Who would you forgive?

Who would you share the love with?

How would you train?

How would you run?


Live full people – DIE EMPTY!

                                                              Can you see it in your mind?
                                                                  Am I making you think?
NOW do something about it – You can only have two things in life REASONS OR RESULTS
Reasons don’t count!
Why not stop being a fool and grow UP and say to yourself –
                                                                    NO MORE REASONS!
                                                                     NO MORE EXCUSES!
As to why you cant –
                                                                           Get a computer
                                                                       Why you cant get a job
                                                                       Why you cant start that business
                                                                       Why you cant study and read
                                                                       Why you cant get that career
                                                                       Why you cant get to the gym
                                                                       Why you cant go on that run
                                                                       Why you cant make more money

                                                                       Why you cant learn

                                       Why you cant go after that man or woman you have had your eye on

                                                                       Why you buy that house

                                                                       Why you cant drive that car

                                                 Why you cant be HAPPY- doing the thing YOU want to do

                                                             Why you cant be the CEO of your own company
Stop whining and start GRINDING
Stop procrastinating
If you want a thing bad enough to go out and fight for it – to work day and night for it – to give up your time and sleep for it – if all you do is dream and scheme about it – and life seems worthless and useless without it – and if you gladly sweat for it and fret for it and plan for it – and lose all your terror of the opposition for it – and if you simply go after that thing that you want with all of your capacity, strength, and sagacity, faith hope and confidence, and stern for tenacity,
                                                                             Oooo my day,s!…….
                                                                           YOU WILL GET IT!

Soooo Many talented people in this world and they go through life unnoticed – DON’T GO THROUGH LIFE UNNOTICED!…

                                                               Don,t go through life in quite desperation!

                                                       Don,t take your dreams and goals with you to the graveyard.

Do you want to wait until you are 65/70 years old then say –

“I could have been this or could have been that”?…..

People that is the worse pain you can go through, But you don’t notice it NOW!


Yeah am talking to you!


Why are you not doing what needs to be done NOW!… You really do have to wake up…… There is a real urgency here which needs to be addressed!

Because I will tell you this –  the day of reckoning will come and it will be FUCKING PAINFUL… You heard it here first.

We have all been on journeys before right?

Think of journeys – London to Australia? – London to south Africa? One end of where you live to another part of town – Hell I mean even down to waking in the morning and your journey to the office can be a real pain But you don’t just give up do you?
You don’t just say ah!… fuck it! am going back home this is taking too long?….
NO!…. You follow it through with patience, and commitment, knowing in your mind that you will get there.
So why give up on what you want out of life knowing deep down that in the end you will get there.

                                 “Reasons sound good to the person that’s making them up”

                                               STOP with the reasons START with the action.

Learn to embrace the pain to get to where you need to get to because at the end of pain is SUCCESS, and anyone who tells you otherwise HAVE NOT ACHIEVED ANYTHING…..PERIOD!!

                        “As life progresses images blur, and all that remains are memories.”

                         So how will you start your day on the 20/03/2017 – YOU DECIDE!


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