Is he really worth it?

Why and how does a man treat a woman by coming home after work Monday to Friday kids or no kids and on the last day of the week wants to just eat sit on the sofa remote control in hand and does not want to lasso the moon for his love!

I never  tell individuals what to do nor do I motivate!… motivation is bullshit!! All I aim to do when the markets are quite and am not working  is plant a seed and it is up to the individual to water that seed – cultivate it – care for it – embrace it – let the seed grow as high and as strong as POSSIBLE!!


What inspired me to write this was several “Girl-friends” who I met last week for a coffee and a bite to eat only to discover what there man is like.

As a man I was embarrassed to say the lease.

Someone once asked Dr. Albert Schweitzer, “What’s wrong with men today?” After a brief pause he said, ”The trouble with men today is that they simply don’t think.”

Why do women stay with someone who bores them?

Stay with someone Who is lazy?

Stay with someone who is UN-affectionate?

Stay with someone who wants you to pay the bill on a night out – or worse wants to split it?

Stay with someone who does not encourage you or support you in your endeavors?

Stay with someone where you don’t share anything?

Stay with someone where the only thing you have in common is paying the rent?

When did you last come home and he held you in his arm, cooked you a meal kissed you sat you down stared into your eyes and said “Hun how was your day”?

Yeah I thought so!!

And instead you stay in the relationship for days weeks months and years and just expect less as a single mum or a single woman, and IF you get help you are pleased!!!

What is needed guys…. IS ACTION…

That,s not the way to live ladies!


Its not what you say about your partner to others, its what you don’t say!

Ladies ask yourself –

Is there an ounce of excitement or a whisper of a thrill? Does the relationship you are in have all the passion of a pair of tit mice?
Do you not want to get swept away? Do you not want to levitate? You should want to sing with rapture and dance like a dervish!
Be deliriously happy…… And if your not getting any of this from your spouse – At least leave yourself open to be.

Love is Passion!…Obsession!… Desire!… Attraction!…Something you cant live without.

Words, words, words!…. Am sure theses men once had the gift – they could probably make words like a potter makes cups of clay.

When you first met them you thought there love could over throw empires!

Love that combines two hearts together come hell fire and flint-stone!

On your first/second/third  date you thought  ” This man could cause a riot in a nunnery”


Your upset, miserable, unhappy, dissatisfied!

And if only the stupid fuck knew that you could stave for the lack of something nice he thought of YOU!… BUT HE DID NOT SAY!

If only he knew he could lose you for something he could have done!… BUT DID NOT DO!


I say fall head over heals find somebody you can love like crazy and will love you the same way back!

How do you find em?…Well….You forget your head and you listen to your heart!

Are you with your partner because of your head?….Or your heart?

Ladies he has lost his gift….As if the organ of his imagination has dried up!

As if the proud tower of his genius has collapsed!

Ladies does it feel like your trying to pick a lock with a wet herring?…. Its time to move on!!

The truth is there is no sense living your life without this.
To make the journey and not fall deeply in love.
Well!….You have not lived a life at all.
But you have to try! Because if you haven’t tried……You haven’t lived!
Short version –


(” The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.”)


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