He is Lucky! She is Lucky!…Oh please!!

Have you heard your friends, family, brothers, sisters, say this?

“Oh he is so lucky, she is so lucky – especially when someone cruises past in a beautiful car, or lives in a wonderful home!


Get real people.

It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than have an opportunity and not be prepared!

You have to graft, you have to sweat, you will fucking cry, you will get hurt, you will fall to your knees and cry out –

“God why is this happening to me.”

You will get laughed at by your peers, individuals will call you CRAZY.

Because if you want all of those things you are dreaming about you have to GRAFT HARD to get it.

Choose a life of BOREDOM Or SUFFERING.

You will need to sacrifice…. I have been hit fucking hard over the years.

I have sacrificed security, girlfriends, holidays with friends, buying a car, eating out with the boys, night clubbing, lots of things to be where i am.

And yes I now make the money because of the passion i have for my business.

But that has come at a cost… I figured early on in my life –

This is where i am!

This is where i want to get to!

This is how am going to do it!

This is what am GOING to sacrifice to get there!

And now by the time most individuals are on there lunch break am

DONE FOR THE DAY*:D big grin.

By the time most of my friends get permission from there boss to say

“OK you can take those 2 or 3 weeks off for your holiday”.

I am on a permanent holiday*:-? thinking

I knew where i was!

I knew where i wanted to get too!

And i knew what habits I needed and also what i needed to sacrifice to get me there!

So I ask you –

Where are you right now?

Where do you want to get to ?

What habits will you apply to get you to your destination?

What will you sacrifice to get there?

“A man / woman who fears suffering already suffers from what he / she fears.”




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