Change your mind, And things start to change for you!

Are you behaving the way you behave because you feel your not worth anything of value?

You don,t really recognise who you are or the capabilities you have in you to become the best you can become.

The day you recognise how great you are!

The day you recognise the champion that you have inside you, that,s when you will give more than you are giving to achieve what you need to achieve.

There is more to life than just drinking and partying and buying the latest fashion, and going on the next available holiday, spending all your money on things that will still be there 2/3/8 years from now.

And those of you who have not got the money- end up using “W.M.D.” WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

A fucking credit card.

I mean,  I have to ask –  are you been a MALINGERER just for now?…… Or FOREVER?

Or are you just fucked up temporarily because your temporarily fucking stupid.

Your brain will trick you people – you are your own worst enemy.

You have to lock doubt in a little room – and then the next stage is YOU FEEL THE FEAR, And say FUCK IT am gonna do it anyway.

And you put EVERYTHING into what you are chasing, you put EVERYTHING into your passion.

The right HABITS will get you to your destination.

Talent is overrated Holmes, you have to work it DAY IN AND DAY OUT.

Develop the habits and the right mindset.

There has been no price to great for me I would have to be –


I developed this mindset from all the business I have had, and all the risk i have taken.

To my relationships in the past.

To working out in the gym.

To road running.

To Waking up in the morning and saying to myself

“Today I will make 500 to 1000 TODAY”!

“Today I will run for 3 to 4 hours”!

“Today I will train in the gym for 2 hours”!

“Today I will read this book until I reach the end”!

And I wont stop until I achieve what needs to be achieved.

Now that is called living!

That is called heart!

That is called courage!

That is called  integrity!

If you cant let yourself do the smallest little task on a daily basis irrelevant of how you are feeling, I ask you –


People if you miss one day – YOU WILL MISS EVERYDAY!

Will it be easy?


Will it be challenging?


Will it be a picnic?


Will it be difficult?


Will you feel like your dying?

Yes – that is a part of it!

Will you curl up in a ball in a dark room and cry?

Yes that is a part of it!

Multiply this by infinity and take it to the depths of forever and you will still barley have a glimpse of what am talking about.

But guess what?

That is what you will have to go through to get to where you want to get to.

And I will tell you something else –


“A man or woman who fears suffering already suffers from what he or she fears.”

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