I don’t know what to say to you….. All who are reading this.
If am honest. Really HONEST…..
For days, weeks, months, YEARS, you …. yes YOU!…. Have been procrastinating on moving forward, In taking the next leap
Wanting to strive to the top… Because the bottom is OVERCROWDED.
Your decision all comes down to how bad you want to succeed in reaching your goal… In making your life comfortable… On becoming free from being a slave to society… Your boss… The company you work for…
For fuck sake…STOP PROCRASTINATING!… And just fucking do it!!!
Make a decision…Make a choice… AND JUST FUCKING DO IT!!
Either you take a risk and aim to reach the stars and if you miss am sure you will hit the moon.
OR…… You stay where you are crying*:puke! puke and wailing and complaining only to find 60+ 70 years gone by and then it –
All your life you have been sat in a rocking chair with the SEAT BELT ON!*:-O surprise
Whatever you have planned for the day….. You do it inch by inch until YOU ARE FINISHED!!
Some of you reading this are in hell right now… YOU HAVE A CHOICE…
1. You can stay where you are and get the shit kicked out of you.
2. Or you can climb into the light… Literally CLIMB OUT OF HELL.
But it has to be – ONE INCH AT A TIME!
I cant do it for you… Your parents cant… The naysayers cant… Your friends cant…Your partner cant…..
Sometimes your up!
Sometimes your down!
Sometimes things go really well!
Sometimes they don’t!
That’s that thing called LIFE!
“We may encounter many defeats… But we must not be defeated…in fact it may be necessary we encounter defeats so we can know who WE REALLY ARE!… How strong we really are… How we fall and how we stand up again!!

3 thoughts on “BE HONEST TO YOURSELF!

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  2. Unbreakableyetfragile… Thank you for your comment… Let us not forget –

    If you just start thinking about all the things we’ve got to say thank you for.
    That,s a day!
    We all have that unique gift, to go out and touch people, affect people – understand that gift, protect
    that gift – appreciate that gift – utilize that gift – treasure that gift – don’t abuse that gift.


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