Excuse me!

What do you say?

About why you are not where you want to be?

Why are you still in a job you fucking hate … Rejoicing Fridays and dreading Mondays?

What do you say about WHY you have not started the business?

WHY are you still procrastinating?

WHY are you still dreaming and not fucking doing?

I say…… you are just a talker… talk, talk, talk, talk!…. Bla, blah, blah, blah!…

I say… Naysayers try to feed you negativity you stand tall and walk the fuck away.

I say… You have not got the funds… You go find it.

I say… You up your fucking standards.

I say… You have to be somewhere at 9 you get there at 8;30.

I say….. If you are tired…. you don’t stop until the job is done.

I say….. Stop using an alarm clock… your dreams, goals, ambition should wake you up.

I say… If you are challenged by any mutherfucker Claiming you cant do this or that… YOU PROVE THEM WRONG.

I say there was –

ONE Napoleon!……

There was –

ONE Obama!….

There was –

 ONE Steve jobs!….

There was

ONE Einstein!….

There was –

ONE Elvis!

THERE IS ONE YOU!… Don’t try to be like anyone else… FUCK THAT… It just won’t work…

There has to be ONE YOU!!!

I want to hear your successes… Not your fucking stories… And what you use to do….. Use to do is not bringing home any honey!!

What is the matter with you…. Have you all forgotten what it is like to go after something with a real vengeance?

Do your dreams and goals and aims mean nothing to you anymore?

Have you no sense of pride or commitment in what you do?… Or what you are striving for?

Who the fuck are you running around with?

You should be hanging around GENERALS… And what have you got?

Foot soldiers and naysayers… (Come on man)… WAKE UP!



With those individuals around you?

People are always blaming their circumstance for what they are, I don,t believe in circumstances the people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they cant find them

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