By accident or by design… There is absolutely fuck all we can do about it……
Or is THERE?
A man walks out of his front door to go for breakfast at a local cafe a local restaurant.
But he forgot his wallet, and went back inside to get it when he picked up his wallet he realized he had left the sink on in his bathroom,
He enters the bathroom and twists the knob of the sink as to stop the dripping.
At that precise time a woman living not far away from him leaves her home and while walking to work she decides to stop off for a coffee
she is about to take it to go only to change her mind and decides she will have it in a mug and sit on the chair outside.
on the exact chair, the man who forgot his wallet was going to sit and have breakfast.
As the man leaves his apartment armed with his wallet he makes his way back to his local for coffee and breakfast and to sit on his favourite chair and table outside the shop to eat and drink and watch the world go by.
The woman believes she is running late for work and as she stands up to leave gets a text message from her boss it reads –
“Good morning Sara, Am running late and won’t get to open the shop for another 40 minutes”
Sara smiles to herself, “Excellent she mutters to herself, I will have another coffee and orders still sitting on the man’s favourite chair and table where he is planning to have his breakfast.
As the man reaches the 3rd corner of the street to cross the road to his favourite cafe he realises he has not bought his newspaper.
He notices a woman sat on his favourite chair with coffee on the table and the waitress recognizes him with a smile and a wave, he waves back.
Aand decides he will walk into the newsagent which is next door to his favourite cafe to purchase his newspaper and at the same time
pluck up some courage to ask the woman sat on his favourite chair with a table on coffee if he could share the table with her.
as he comes out of the newsagents he notices the lady still there this time with the mobile to her ear and laughing out loud.
and it is at that moment a driver loses control of the car and smashes into the man’s favourite chair and table which he would have been sat on.
And now Sara is under the car moving slightly.
 I strongly believe there is something good in everything –
You missed your train? YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK HARD FOR IT!
Car breaks down / won’t start? YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK HARD FOR IT!
Partner cheats on you? YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK HARD FOR IT!
There is a left and a right side
There is a front and a back
There is up and there is down
There is hot and cold
There is positive and negative
There is yin and  yang
I wonder if you all reading this are with me so far, Mmmmm!
People – 
“Not being able to govern events, one must govern themselves.”

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