Fear, Limited Vision, Lack of self Esteem.


Thomas Jefferson spoke about in the declaration of independence about the people’s right to –
Life – Liberty – and the Pursuit of Happiness.
One thing which has baffled me for years, and that is –
How did he know to put the (Pursuit) part in there.
Is it that happiness is something that we can only pursue, but we can never have it.
Or is it that happiness is what we all must pursue for and if we pursue long enough we will have it.
I will let you make your own decision on the late Thomas Jefferson,s comment.
It has been said that the opposite of COURAGE is COWARDNESS!
I actually believe this is untrue. I believe the opposite of courage is CONFORMITY.
That is the problem with people now a days they do what every one else is doing go to school study hard go to college, university, get a job a wage to pay the bill,s get married have kids set up a pension, save and in the end………………………………………………………………YOU DIE!!
sshhhiittt!! are you serious and that,s it? Man I have to live. I have always had a declaration for myself – Its called “My declaration of Independence”
1.I will go to school/college/learn to read and write, and multiply, and divide etc. But that is it!! No  studying for a PHD or degree BUT will employ those who have this.
2. I will not become a slave to society and trade my time for two days off a week, and never sing that famous song which the majority of the population sings, erm how does it go again? Oh yeah “Thank god it,s Friday”.
3.I will take risk to become all that I can be, and will sacrifice, sleep, food,drinks with friends,and clubs/party’s. Reason?
4.Because I want success as much as I want to breathe!!! I want it more than I want to sleep!! I will take the pain , suffering,tears.Blood, Heartache, BECAUSE in the end IT WILL BE WORTH IT!
And it was for 30 years at the age of 21years old two health clubs, several property’s, an art business, a Loan company, traveling to over 35 country’s representing England, 4 Bentley, Austin Healey, Mercedes and a cobra and my worth well over 1 million.
Only to make the biggest mistake and lose everything and end up on a park bench surrounded by negative individuals, drug takers.
But did I give up?
I constantly thought of Winston  – “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
And then thought of my short declaration of independence, then I thought I could stay where I am OR I can start climbing, climbing out of hell.
Now a day trader for over 7 years and slowly climbing out of hell, Park bench has gone, and now living in Knights bridge, Breakfast lunch and dinner out ( Yes I can cook) I suppose what I am saying is if you want something bad enough whatever it may be, to get fit, or lose weight, or put on weight, if working for MacDonald,s and becoming manager in 5 years is the dream, or running and owning your own company. GREAT!! Take a leaf out of Nike…… JUST DO IT!! You can only have two things in life REASONS OR RESULTS.
Ask yourself a question in the morning while brushing your teeth and looking at your reflection in the morning while stood in the bathroom, the question?
How do I spend my time? Once you do an evaluation of how you spend your time that will tell you EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE and how much you want to succeed. That question will tell you EXACTLY THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU ARE. That question will tell you EXACTLY WHERE YOU WILL BE IN 2/3/4/5 Years from now!
Don,t watch the clock people, do what it does!!

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